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OSR prices edge back despite better crush margins

Date Added: 24/11/2017

TRADER'S VIEW: By Owen Cligg, Trading Manager

UK rapeseed prices have edged backwards this week as downward pressure on the Matif futures has reduced values. The main drivers would seem to be a reduction in palm oil prices as stocks are gradually increasing, continual arrival of Argentinian biodiesel into Europe and Black Sea supplies of oilseed rape still being available. Rapeseed prices in the UK are currently bid around £315.00 ex farm for spot and £300.00 ex farm for harvest movement.

Whilst rapeseed values have been falling, soyabeans have recovered in price to their recent highs as uncertainty over South American weather would seem to add support. This has helped support rapeseed oil and meal prices so that crush margins have improved in the spot position.

Biodiesel prices are also better due to higher crude oil prices and the need to fulfil biofuel mandates by the end of the year.



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