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HEAR Contracts


£60 per tonne premium inclusive of bonuses


£35-40 per tonne plus bonuses

Buyback Contracts with Harvest Movement available - otherwise Buyer's Call to suit

Export Programme

HEAR Buy-Back Contract Details for Harvest 2018- Call Us On 01380 729 200

HEAR Seed Varieties

The United Oilseeds HEAR Buy Back contract features two seed varieties

Both are available to buy from United Oilseeds:

HEAR Agronomy and Growing Requirements

The agronomy of HEAR is exactly the same as all other forms of oilseed rape:

Quality Specification

Oil content:                 40% Minimum
Erucic acid content:   45% Minimum
Moisture content:       6% Minimum - 9% Maximum
Admixture:                  2% Maximum
Free Fatty Acid:          2% Maximum

Isolation & Cross Pollination

Isolation Requirement

There is a statutory obligation on the part of the HEAR grower to maintain a 50 metre margin between their HEAR crop and any crop of conventional OSR – be it "00” or “HOLL,” during the same season, i.e. winter to winter or spring to spring.

Aside from physical differentiation, there is no such requirement between crops of different seasons, i.e. winter and spring. This requirement applies equally to crops on the same holding as to neighbouring crops.

Any contravention of this requirement and liability falls 100% with the HEAR grower.


Trials and experience confirm HEAR volunteers do not pose a problem in future ’00’ crops. Research carried out by Newcastle University concluded that 6 HEAR volunteers per sq. metre would be needed to raise erucic acid level in ’00’ crops to more than 2%. Work shows levels are rarely over 1 plant per sq. metre.


It is imperative that HEAR is stored separately from other forms of OSR. All your farm staff and contractors must be aware of this both at harvest and at outloading. (The best way to ensure there is no risk of cross contamination is to grow only one type of OSR on the farm.)

HEAR (High Erucic Acid Rape) Uses and Applications

High Erucic Acid Rape (HEAR) crops are varieties of oilseed rape which have a different oil profile to both “00” and HOLL varieties. HEAR oil contains approximately 50% Erucic acid whereas double low rapeseed oil contains less than 2%.

HEAR  varieties produce oil which is in demand for use in industrial processes such as inks, lubrication and as a "slip agent" in the production of polythene, as well as applications throughout a wide range of industrial processes. Meal from HEAR oilseed rape is also included within animal feed in the same way as conventional meal.

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