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Best Varieties

United Oilseeds offers growers the UK's market-leading oilseed rapeseed portfolio, with all the best performing hybrid and conventional varieties from the AHDB Recommended lists.

Our extensive technical knowledge and logistical expertise means we always ensure growers select the ideal seed variety for their individual needs and deliver it to them on farm and on time.

This powerful combination of comprehensive seed knowledge and outstanding customer service has resulted in United Oilseeds growing to become the country's market-leading OSR seed supplier, with a 25% share of the UK market.

Our close relationship with all the major seed breeders gives us unrivalled product insight and the ability to provide growers with the right variety at the right time.

With so many different varieties available, choosing the one most suitable for you can seem a little confusing. But, whilst we can source any seed variety you may wish, our independent and impartial advice will help you match the ideal variety to your individual needs, growing conditions and region.

Whether you are looking to increase your crop's yield or oil content, require improved disease resistance, standing power or earliness of flowering, United Oilseeds has the perfect variety to meet your needs.

Best Prices

Our large seed trading volume means that we provide the best varieties to growers at the most competitive market prices. Members also have their seed trading with United Oilseeds taken into account for our annual profit share.

Wherever possible, United Oilseeds produces and processes its own supply of seed crops and carry out independent inspections to ensure that each crop meets the very highest standards.

In order to ensure maximum yield and productivity from your crops, United Oilseeds recommends that all growers should use certified seed.

Conventional Varieties Available from United Oilseeds

Hybrid varieties


United Oilseeds can also source a number of additional varieties including HEAR. If you would like to discuss a specific variety that isn't on the list above please contact us on 01380 732308.

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